About Us

The Coalition of Protective Parents (COPP) is a nonprofit (503C) organization seeking to end the emotional abuse of children in our society, particularly in the divorce process and its aftermath. We believe that the emotional well being of children is often impacted by parents as well as the ‘system’.

We focus on the following areas:

  • Education - We seek to educate parents, attorneys, judges and other court personnel, counselors and the general public about the impact divorce and particularly custody battles have on the life and well being of children.
  • Training - We provide training for divorced and divorcing parents to help them understand and respond to the needs of their children, as well as understand the operation and limitations of the family courts.
  • Communication - We provide through this web site, its message board and blog, a channel of communication that can be used by anyone to shear their personal experiences with the divorce process and become aware of the experiences of others.
  • Referral List - We maintain a referral list of family law attorneys and mental health professional who understand our issues and have been helpful to our members.
  • Government Action - We support legislative changes that will help insure children’s access to both parents during and after divorce.
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