How you can Help

Your financial contributions are needed for our programs to succeed.

Proceeds will go to the general budget. If you'd like your contribution to go towards a particular program, be sure and let us know and we'll guarantee it.

COPP also has T-Shirts, Posters and Automobile Magnets that will be provided with a financial contribution. Just let us know which item you'd like and we'll send it to you.

If you would like to volunteer as a Funding Coordinator, COPP needs caring individuals or groups to help raise funds. We have several options available. Contact us at or mail a letter of request to PO Box 1064, Deer Park, TX 77536 or call 713-542-8639.

Programs In Need

KidCOPP Program

KidCOPP is the program where we place the Children's Bill of Rights poster in our public schools, churches, day care centers, Attorney's Offices, etc. The intent of the program is to post the Children's Rights where anyone can view them with the hope that these rights will be honored by anyone in charge of caring for or are responsible for children.

       Funds required for the posters and frames; $30.00EA

First Responders Program

FRP is the program where COPP provides our "first responders", usually the Police with written information that can be given to parents that feud either in the presence of children or are in a dispute over the children. This data provides detailed information to the harmful effects of getting "caught in the middle" and where the parents can find resources to help prevent their children from suffering emotionally.

Funds required

  • paper and printing; $.70EA,
  • Stuffed animal for each child; $10.00EA

COPP Bus Program

Our Bus program is in the developmental phase. Once we get the bus interior converted with a classroom/meeting room, we intend to use it to hold Support Group Meetings and also to hold Workshops using "Children-in-the-Middle" course material. Of course the bus will be used as a mobile billboard in order to advertise our organization.

Funds required for the bus include the following;

  • Fuel $4.00 gal
  • Maintenance/Insurance $65.00 monthly
  • Interior Modifications $9,500.00, (seating, table, monitors, carpeting, climate control, generator, etc.)

Family Law Improvement Program

 COPP intends to build a large enough national coalition of Protective Parents that will be large enough for our elected officials to pay attention to, once we take our recommendations for Family Law reform to them. COPP believes that kids deserve equal time with both deserving parents and that this should a "kids right" from the very beginning of their life. Divorce should not be a tool that takes this right away.

Funds required for the FLI program include research and development for each state, advertisements for COPP membership, travel to and from various law makers, etc;

  • (Difficult to predict)

Children's Rights Day Program

Since the United States celebrates "Mothers Day" and "Fathers Day", shouldn't we also celebrate "Children’s Day"? COPP has a goal to make this happen. We are currently working with local officials and will hopefully expand to a state and finally a national level to make this happen.

Funds required

Funds are needed to pay for renting space, paying for children’s activities, music, food, etc, required for each location, approximately $2500.00 per event.

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