Who We Are

Executive Director - Michael L Johnson

As a father of one daughter and two step-children and as a grown man that went through two divorces as an adult and one as a child, I know what children endure and I know how the system managed to pilfer a huge amount of money from me in my quest to protect mine and my daughters rights. My passion for protecting children and for justice is my reasons for starting this organization.

A Bit from Michael;

Did you know there is a United Nations chartered Children's Rights and that there is also a recommended day to celebrate children's rights? Did you also know that all but two nations ratified the charter? The United States has this in common with Somalia.

Program Director - Monica Centeno

ProgramDirector1A Bit from Monica;

Are you aware that the official Children’s Rights colors are "Red and Blue".




Treasurer - Rick Patterson

A Bit from Rick;

Did you know that a custody battle averages $30,000.00 for each side and takes an average of 18 months to get settled.

Children deserve quality equal time with both parents. Child support should be based on the child’s needs and not on one parents gross salary. Both parents incur expenses and have similar expenses and therefore both parents income should be considered.

COPP Secretary - Donna Johnson

Donna comes from Texas royalty. Her father served as a State Legislator. Donna as does both of her parents stand for doing good work for our communities. Donna's children are very important to her and she volunteers on their behalf. Donna believes that even if children's parents are not able to remain friends that the children should stay close to both parents as possible.

A Bit from Donna;

Stepfamilies are very difficult to succeed at. My advice is to seek assistance from professional counselors from the very beginning.

Stepchildren will always choose a biological parent even if that parent is wrong. It's important that stepchildren respect their stepparent and it's equally as important that the parents and stepparents work together and not allow the children to manipulate one against the other.

Logistics Manager - Ruben Garcia

COPP2009Ruben volunteers to help COPP succeed because as an alienated father, he maintains hope that someday his two oldest children will want to know who their father is. Ruben brings experience to COPP and has a strong driving force that should be an inspiration to other alienated parents out there.

A Bit from Ruben;

Being passive when alienated actually contributes to "parental alienation syndrome" and "hostile aggressive parenting". Stand up for your and your children's rights.

Be a good father and mother and respect your children's rights to their other parents and loved ones.

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