One evening a group of parents who were victims of the family law system gathered to see what they could do to protect themselves from unfair laws and false allegations. During their visit, the conversation turned to the children and what is happening to them.

Some of the parents had gone through, as children, what their children are going through now.

We realized that our children are actually being abused emotionally and denied their God given rights to both deserving parents!

So we discussed the sources of the abuse and possible methods to stop it. The Family Law System can actually contribute to the emotional abuse.

We decided to build a Coalition of Protective Parents. We think that with so many family law victims it shouldn’t be a problem gathering many parents who are interested in protecting their and other's children.

After all our children are our future. RIGHT?

Wow, we can recruit counselors, attorneys and other professionals to help us.

We can create an awareness of how serious emotional abuse is and the life long impact it can have.

We can put together a Children’s Bill of Rights and post it anywhere parents and children might see them.

We can build a website with lots of free information and links that can be viewed from anywhere on Earth.

We can get a bus and use it to travel around advertising our cause. We can also use it as a mobile site to host support group meetings and even workshops.

We can develop programs to teach parents how they can protect their children from getting caught in the middle.

We can provide experiences for parents who aren’t familiar with the Family Law System and how the Lawyers sometimes actually contribute to the further destruction of broken families.

We can offer workshops for parents that will teach them how to keep their children happy and out of their parent's conflict.

We can build a large support base that will guarantee that our Legislators will listen when it comes time for Family Law reform.

How hard can it be?


  • Support our cause by registering as a supporter on our website.
  • Volunteer to help with Fundraising.
  • Participate in our support groups and workshops.
  • Send a tax deductible financial contribution.
  • Order a poster of the Children’s Bill of Rights and display it for all to see.
  • Volunteer as a Professional resource or advisor.
  • Write a letter for us to use when we approach our Legislators that demands equal rights for all children caught up in divorce and/or custody battles.
  • Mail or email your story to us so that others may learn from it.
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